Power Supply Wiring Kit - Cut Off Spades?

I bought the Lowrider 2 and SKR kits, and i’ve been using the wiring documentation found on the site here. My only source of mild confusion is the wiring for the power.

In the kit, i was given three sets of red / black cables with spade connectors on both ends. One for the POWER, one for MOTOR POW, and then… one extra? I’m not sure what the intention there is, and there’s no reference to it in the Control section of the documentation.

In a related issue, i just want to double check the intention for the power supply. I got one of the bricks with my kit, and it comes with an adapter that converts the pin style power connection you find on laptops and what not into a set of screw terminals.

Presumably the intention is that i snip off the spade connectors, strip the wires, and put them into the screw terminals? I know this seems like a simple, possibly stupid question - but since the documentation makes no mention of any of this, i figure it would be best to double check.

I just cut off the barrel connector from the power supply and just wired it direct to power on the board then jumpered over to motors. My barrel connector had some wiggle in it not giving power all the time.


Ok, thanks for the response! I’ll just go with my original plan for now, since i’d like to have the connector on the outside of the little box i’m making. Mine initially seems to be a tight connection - but i’ll certainly follow your lead if i have any issues.

Thanks again!

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