power supply size recommendations

I am just getting ready to power up my MPCNC and need to know what you recommend for a power supply. This is one of the real early kits. This is my hold up right now

12V 6A, it really only needs very little but the cheap power supplies out there usually greatly exaggerate there capabilities. Get a 12V 6A and it should be triple what you need.

Hey guys,

what do you think of this din rail supply?


Will it provide enough power to drive 5 stepper motors with 84oz.in torque each?

It would nicely fit in my enclosure and it is really small!



Not enough amps. That’s only a 2.5A P/S… That’s my take.

I know it’s not the ultra-slim, so it may not fit in your enclosure, but this is almost identical to what I’ve been looking at when I get a DIN-based enclosure whimsy…


That’s what i thought too. It will not provide enough power.

Your recomendation is close to what i found: MeanWell NDR-120-12
It provides 10A at 12V . Unfortunately it is to big for my case.

At the moment my mpcnc is powered by a dell server psu which is way oversized and loud too :wink:

Maybe i’m going to change my case and look for a bigger one :slight_smile:

Btw. The picture shows the smaller one. Check the specs as this one is rated at 4.5A.
However, i think the power is to less anyways…

Thought I had linked to a 10A… At least, that was the one I was looking at through Amazon… :wink:

Sorry, i meant the one (HDR-60-12) i posted :wink:

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Unless your controller is 12 only for some reason (ramps etc) go 24V instead. It’ll allow you to move the motors faster without skipping steps.

RAMPS is the reason why i have to stay at 12v for the moment.
In the future i will replace it with stronger stepper drivers and another controller :wink:

You can modify ramps for 24V you just have to disable the 5V voltage regulator and use USB power instead, or something like that. :wink:

I think just hooking up a 24V P/S will make that modification for you… :wink:

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Yes, i already thought of that modification and there are “24V ready ramps” on the market.

“I think just hooking up a 24V P/S will make that modification for you… :wink”:

Yep for sure …LOL

You also need a different fuse. The existing one turns to lava and melts a hole in the board, table and floor if it’s fed more than 16V. Or just burns out. One or the other.

Alternately just get a SKR1.4 for $20.