Potentially a Dumb Question

Does anyone have a link to what the different buttons do on the main page for the jackpot? I tried looking through the wiki and the forums but I couldn’t find anything that said what the buttons do? Like the macros, (assume thats what they are) underneath the movement controls and what not?


I made those.

You can see the gcode if you open the files. If you expand it just right they are labeled but V2 of the UI is good at hiding them.

One is save any config changes you made. Disable the steppers, turn on and off the 5V outputs.


Yeah on my iPad I only get the first character. Only other thought was to just push it and see what happens. Maybe I would get more characters on the button on my laptop? Zooming doesn’t change it.

Either way, thank you! That’s exactly what I was looking for. I specifically needed that disable steppers one.

Try sideways, or computer version.
V3 is better, hopefully we will get to use it in the next couple months.

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What ever happened to @Michael_Melancon version? Still in the works I’m assuming? Or am I totally off base and that is V3?

That’s WebUI v3.

I’m just about to start my 4th week of travel so I’ve been away a bit for work and haven’t had much time.

I was waiting until 2 PRs for FluidNC got merged, and then I’ll publish my changes.

I have changes for both FluidNC and ESP3D-WebUI that makes it mostly work. There’s still one piece that stops it from really working that I’m hoping Mitch or Bart will jump in and complete.

Once that piece works, v3 will run with FluidNC I think


Awesome! Thanks for the update!!

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How do I open the files to see the gcode? A doc/walkthrough would definitely be helpful. Actually a screen shot with some arrows and notes would help a bunch as well.

I’ve got X$MD, 26 On, 26 off, 27 On, 27 Off and a tiny 0xyz beneath them.

You can open gcode files with notepad.


I guess the real question is where are they stored? I’m accessing it by android tablet.

On the MicroSD card, you should see a files tab on on the webUI screen.


Most of the time I have to hit the refresh button in the files section to see whats on the SD card if I insert it after the board is already powered up.

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