Poll- desktop forum layout

Which do you prefer on desktop
  • Split
  • Not split

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Not split

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I voted split… my 28" 4k-hdr monitor puts a lot of small/legible text on one screen. I sometimes find myself bobbing around in my chair to read pages formatted with full width text. When browsing this site, threads take up only like 1/3 the width. I figure might as well use that extra space, but it would be even better if the page could interact with browser width. For example if the window is >Xpixels wide use split, otherwise use 1-column.


Hmm, interesting that this is swinging back and forth. Definitive answers are much easier than a 50/50 split.

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Yeah, I am also kind of surprised. :smiley: Even on my iPad the Split View is much better. :smiley:

I just don’t want the categories and the thread list at the same time. More isn’t better, IMHO.

I think that is why it is so split. It is a matter of taste.

I never view the top-level root (categories) on it’s own, I always view by latest without categories.

But for a first time visitor, the categories (alone) force you to make a choice before you can see anything, and I think there’s value in showing a perspective on what’s happening currently. And all the categories are still visible.

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That is how I do it.

This makes sense. The side can be changed to a few different options, currently it is set to most recent.

Well now you know what is like for me to make decisions.

HAHAHA :sweat_smile:



I have been keeping up with every topic since the change. :smiley:


Well I think I will keep it for a while, if nothing else because it means I don’t have to do anything…lazy.