Polar Scara arm with sandify and coreXY

I’m trying to get @Wolfspaw sand table design running but I can get my scara arm to jive with sandify. I am running fluidnc with corexy but my arm seems run erratic, can sandify be used with any corexy or do I need zenxy firmware?

The TMC2209_Pen_Laser board seems to be discontinued and I had a hard time finding a good hat for an esp32 so I have a MKS DLC32 ESP32 that I have fluidNC on and a BTT SKR 1.4 with marlin 2.0 both have coreXY on them but my assembly seems to not be running the sandify designs gcode files

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Someone correct me if I am wrong, but CoreXY is a still a cartesian (XY) motion system. With your scara setup you need a firmware/configuration that is suited to a polar motion system. So I don’t believe you need CoreXY at all. Unfortunately I am not familiar with polar systems so I can’t offer much help on that, but I am sure someone will chime in here with some more info.

Hey Matt,

You are probably correct but specifically with sandify if you select polar instead of rectangle for the machine I believe It does the scara calculations for you. So my understanding is that it should run under standard coreXY with the arm as x and elbow as y

But was looking for confirmation that my theory above is correct

Oh you might be right, im not sure! I had never really seen that until you mentioned it.

If you are exporting in SCARA output from Sandify you do not want a CoreXY configuration. A linear move in CoreXY requires both motors to turn simultaneously. You want a basic X-Y configuration where a G1 X10 command moves just the X motor.