Found an inkscape to gcode converter, it works okay. Cobbled together a quick and dirty sharpie mount for the lowrider. Still has too much slop, but not too terrible. I still want to make something that fits inside the dewalt base though.

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That’s great. Good quality too. I still want you to make a holder for the DeWalt base too. I was thinking of doing something like this for a sandify pattern or two.

Wrinkly dog for scale.
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I have to make a new category on the gallery page now, LowRider plotter.

AT-AT’s will forever be wrinkly dogs now…thanks

No, the marker is a wrinkly dog. It’s a shar pei! :smiley:


No when you look at an AT-AT you will also see the wrinkly dog as well.




Hey dude, check out my lowrider album! Still a work in progress, but much better!

That’s a smart way to do it. I like it. If you want more pressure, just couple up some more pipe, or add an adaptor and fill it with extra screws or something.

The cheeky elf drawing right before the adapter pictures was done with this. Different pen holder though. I was just using a bunch of masking tape wrapped around the sharpie. I also found out that paste wax doesn’t work as a release agent for devcon 2 part epoxy. Tried dumping some down on top of the sharpie to make a mold in the pipe. The wax made the epoxy not set. Good thing I buy sharpies at sam’s club. We go through a crap ton of them at work marking network cables when we’re running new lines.

Here’s the part. I have three of them, four could work too. Two didn’t seem like enough, the pen still wobbled too much. Oh, it’s half inch mdf. (1.63 KB)

Barry… That looks like two concentric circles. Where’s the fun in that?

It is, but it two carefully measured concentric circles! I mean I suppose I could cad something skookum to print. Would take a few hours to print. Or we could just cut out three wooden doughnuts in about 5 minutes. This seemed way easier. I’m all about easy, I have to work with doctors sometimes…

Can you do me a favor, and tell me the size of these two circles? I wish that was a joke, but I can’t figure out what size they are in this svg. I import them into estlcam, and it thinks the outside should be 22mm, which doesn’t seem right. I suppose it’s simple enough I could just make my own dims, but I thought since you’ve already done it…

Also, I don’t know if you saw Frank’s latest CNC creation, but he used a plotter to create outlines so he didn’t have to make too much stock:


Seems pretty smart. He always does things a little differently.

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Yea, I watched that yesterday, pretty neat.

69mm on the outside, 21.39mm on the inside. 21.4 might be better, but I didn’t want to make it too loose.