Please sanity check me

I brought my MPCNC back to life recently to make knife scales for my folder project. Some of you may remember I make high end kitchen knives on the side. I have to try my hand at making a cross bar lock. I am pretty happy with this, I am hoping to make about 10 a month… on the side.

My first attempts cut out the inside pocket, holes and profile on the MPCNC , then I rounded over the outside edge on the router with a template. I was not happy with that finish. I am thinking of running the entire project on the MPCNC.

  1. drop out my hold down screw holes and fixture
  2. cut the inner pockets and profile.
  3. flip the part over and mill the outer edge.

I am assuming this is possible when homing the machine between each operation. Today I took the first step in proof of principle and drew the shapes with a pen and paper on the MPCnc as long as my homing is correct I see the same objects drawn ontop of each other. The drawing looks like a single print of the knife scales, but it’s three different runs.

See photo above.

Below are photos of the current scales. I am
Not thrilled with the fit and finish.