Please read before asking LowRider questions. Help us, better help you, thanks!

1- Pictures . 99% of the time A few pictures of your entire build will help, including electronics. We do not care about empty pizza boxes and nasty wiring. Seriously if you do not get any further….show some pictures.

2- Link it. If you are using something you did not buy from here, link it . We don’t care where you choose to spend your money. We only care about getting you going as smoothly as possible. Saying “I bought the recommend part” 100% does not help.

3- Software. This leaves software. Details of all the software you are using (too many times we get ten questions in and find out I am talking Estlcam and they are using something else). Screen shots help, dropbox or drive links to your files and gcode help.

4- New . Start a New thread. Even if you think you are having the exact same issue, please start a new thread.