Please as many details as possible and a video.

I know it is going to be a pain, but this machine is built and used differently by everyone so we need more details than most.
A video is going to be key, nothing fancy at least 30 seconds of cutting preferably with a close up of the cut and then a bigger shot of the machine.

Machine size is important, especially the z height and length.
Spindle type.
Bit type (pics help)
Depth of cut
Material being cut

Just so I’m certain of what you’re asking, You’re asking for a MPCNC 525 tour and video of cuts, from those of us capable of doing so? I can probably do some videos, mostly the ones I have published on youtube already that you’ve seen have been mostly me sharing short vids with my coworkers, but I could up the production quality a fair bit if I was trying to “sell the machine” rather than “hey look at this!”

No. This is what will make troubleshooting issues easier than the normal “It’s not working, how do I fix it?” posts.

Ahh, totally didn’t catch on that it was for people needing assistance. Got it.

I easily printed and put together this machine but when it comes to electronics I am having trouble.
Connected as indicated all the cables and boards with power supply and the PC but there is no sign of life when it comes to move the steppers.
I installed Repetier-host 1.62 and Estlcam V9 Beta. Connected Repetier through Com4 port with Rams.
Any idea what did I do wrong??
Any help will be appriciated
Thank you