Playing shop - shoeshop props

Playing shop is pretty common I think but I guess because they got measured for new shoes recently the game today was not the usual ice cream shop or greengrocers and nothing would do but measuring everyone for new shoes using a book.

Well that won’t do.

From idea to Fusion 360 to LR3 and done was less than an hour. The new downcut 1/8 bit worked a treat.


Extra fun project!

I remember thinking 3D printing was an easy way to quickly make things but the LR3 is a whole new level.


It’s nice to have an arsenal of different ways to get something done and be able to pick and choose which way you’re going to go with it!


I love it! What material is that? PVC?

It’s foam cored polystyrene I think.

I work next to a printers and they use it for signs and let me have the offcuts. Really nice stuff, really stiff and light but waterproof. Weight is important when someone waves it about and baps you in the face with it at 6.00AM :neutral_face:

I used the same stuff to make a sign for a friends lane to stop lost delivery drivers

And one of the first things I made on my mpcnc

Before anyone says, yes I know it’s missing an end quote. I promise I did do another that was right.


It looks a lot like the expanded PVC sheets I used in my van fitout, which is also used in the sign industry - and I quite have a bit of it left to play with too!

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That’s cool that you have a source for offcuts of that stuff. It’s neat stuff for making all kinds of things.