PLA Questions

Well, I’ve had my first 3D printer up and running for a week now and things are going pretty well. I burned about 500g of filament just trying different things and learning how to lay down a good first layer and am now working on MPCNC parts.

  1. I’m curious if the slots on the side of the spool that have markings of how many grams are left are relatively accurate?

  2. Any good sources of filament in stock and well priced other than Amazon? I took them up om their $1.99/week Prime trial thinking I’d get everything I needed quickly and now it seems it’ll take 3 weeks to get more filament.

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You could weight the spool to see how much you’ve used. But I have never gotten that close to caring. I don’t usually reach the end of spools anyway, because I just don’t print that often, and I will occasionally get a different color.

I have found the slots to be an ok estimate of the remaining filament.

I have recently started using And I buy that brand from amazon. Good quality stuff.

I don’t have a tare weight, shoulda weighed the whole thing before I started. Duh! I just didn’t anticipate Amazon slowing down their shipping so much. No worries, got other stuff to do, I want to do my build on a wheeled cart and there’s lumber in the garage. I just find keeping busy is so much better than watching too much news these days.

I agree with @mordiev
A empty spool of Overture weigh 239g

This spool show that I have a little less then 500g

And the scale show 694g

That means I have 445g left in the spool



Thanks for that! Coincidentally I happen to be using a spool of Overture. Looks like I’ll be able to print a few more pieces and then wait for Amazon.

That’s pretty slick. You’d think the lines should get closer together as they went out since it’s making bigger loops. I’d be interested to see the same measurements at the 800g mark. Also, for anybody with a 3d printer, if you can swing it, a filament runout sensor is an awesome addition to your printer. I recently put on on mine after running out on a 20 hour print. When it detects no more filament it pauses the printer and kills the hotend heater. I have a couple filament change scripts that will heat the heater to the proper temp, then unload or load around 400mm of filament, to either pull whats left out or put it back in. Then I can resume the print. Worked once so far, haven’t needed it again yet. I have the sensor about a foot from the extruder, so that’s all I end up with from a spool.

I was thinking exactly the same thing.

This is ALL new to me as I’ve only had a printer for ~ 9 days now and I haven’t had the opportunity to test it out but the blurb for my printer, a Diggro Alpha 3, states “Filament Run-out Detection and Resume Printing”

just check all my filaments and I don’t have any that are near the 880g mark but I’ll do that on my next spool and report back.

It is a must have if you are printing very large prints or if you know you will run out of filament before the print is done. I have a CR10S-Pro and it came with a filament sensor.
I love it


I didn’t measure at that point but when you get down to 25-30% of a full spool the indication is a WAG at best, the filament relaxes on the core of the spool and reads considerably more than is actually there.

If only it wasn’t taking 3 weeks to get more from Amazon.

On the bright side, I did get my nickel’s worth. I hadn’t printed the MPCNC roller plates yet and a quick measure said I’d get 3 from the filament remaining. Got 3 and when I unloaded the filament there were 29" left.

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Well my CR10S-pro will be out of commission until Saturday !! (That is the fastest I can get replacement parts in)
Was printing some face shields for UMass Memorial Hospital from this file in PETG

and decided to go do some yard work as the printer was going…
Well… this is what happens when you leave your 3D Printer unattended for over 3 hours…

the damage extended no just to the big blob of PETG (about 70g of filament) to the heating block cooling fan, cooling fan duct and the silicone heating block socket.

btw… the cooling fan duct was printed with Carbon Fiber infill Policarb … printed at 300C…

Ouch. No fun. That is a lot of damage. Very surprising to me.

Best of luck getting it up and running again. After you get your new parts are you going to print some spare parts in case it ever happens again? I assume it’s possible.

I have had the blob happen many times. Never had that much damage. The worst damage I had was a broken thermocouple wire. But that was my fault as I tried to clean it all up.

Yes for sure. I do have the original fan duct and that is what I will use to print the new replacement one.

Yeah, my blobs happen in much smaller ways. It sometimes takes a sock with it, but otherwise I have been ok.

I think I managed to get one about the size of a soccer ball once, but it was pretty hollow and stringy. :slight_smile: