PirateCNC MPCNC Build

With my daughter’s MP3DP built and operational, I have a small window of opportunity to complete my ORIGINAL MPCNC. Originally I planned on 48x48, but now that Ryan has released the LOW RIDER design, that will be my 48x48 build. During this small window, I want to complete my original MPCNC. Is there any link to the ORIGINAL build pics. I think I have my Dewalt mounts upside-down but I need to double check.

Thanks in advance!

Project Code Name: “Project: BLUE”

Ah…answered my own question! The original assembly instructions are BELOW in the same section as the new part assemblies. I am glad that I didn’t discover this until I made the decision to go ahead and REPRINT all of the Middle Assembly and Z axis to model C specifications. I have two printers printing full steam ahead to print the pieces I require. Hopefully a quick build.

I have to tell you, my MP3DP is kicking my Robo 3D R1+ butt! There isn’t one aspect that my robo does that the MP3DP isn’t better at. AND NOW I HATE AUTO LEVELING!!!


Does anyone have an .stl file for conduit cable end inserts like this one in the pic? Can’t seem to find one anywhere.





Awesome! TNX!