Pipes rotate when gantry moves

Assembling my MPCNC right now, I noticed the X-Pipe of the gantry rotates when the gantry moves. Please see pictures attached.

It’s only slightly and barely visible in those two pictures. But you can see, the “X” will move a bit vertically when the gantry moves. The pipe is twisting/rotating.

  1. Is this a problem?
  2. If so, how to solve it?

Once the MPCNC is fully assembled, this pipe will probably be held in place, however, if there is some force, this doesn’t look like a solution for the pipe twisting, force would be applied to the bearings or something else and wear out, I guess.

I reassembled the gantry but can’t find anything bad, cracked or misaligned.

It should be fine once you put the stepper mounts on the rollers. I have never checked to see if any of mine do that but I wouldn’t think it to be a big deal.

It should be fine. Its cause you are putting tension on the tube. Ever see one of those pipe benders that has rollers and a big wheel. Same concept. Its just under some tension. Like Ryan said, once you put the tops on the x and y carrages it will be fine. Mine did the same thing during assembly.