Pipes in Norway

Hallo Norge

If you are looking for pipes a little sturdier than the Biltema-pipes, but doesn’t want to go all crazy and ordering from steel businesses, I found something in between! I’ve been looking for something a little thicker than the Biltema pipes (1.5mm), but have had bad luck with the plumbing/piping businesses. No VVS stores seems to have 25mm available, and the wholesalers (grossister) don’t want to sell to private customers outside of the industry.

Soo - I came across some type of conduit (yes - conduit!) from an electricity wholesaler that also sells to private customers, Elektroimportøren. Galvanized, 25 mm, 2 mm thick, 800 kr for 4 meters. Quit a
lot more expensive than Biltema, but I think this is quite cheap compared to the steel industry and boat deck pipes. Here it is: https://www.elektroimportoren.no/gur-25mm-staalroer/1211143/Product.html?Referer=googleshopping&gclid=Cj0KCQjwyJn5BRDrARIsADZ9ykGghGflzDFmum9Ja9x9MAtrbTZGosPvShuBSIoNc5mChFs_Kw6ap4saAojSEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds&utm_campaign=googleshopping&utm_medium=na&utm_source=na

(Take note, be careful when taking this home. I put it on the roof of my car, and it vibrated so much that it got a bend… sigh…)


Hello and thanks for your recommendation!

I found your thread relating to Tromsø, Norway and then searched for all your topics, hoping to find pipe recommendations - and bingo! :joy:

How are these pipes holding up a couple years later? Is this still something you’d recommend? I’m planning on building and keeping my cnc in my garage, so a certain level of humidity is to be expected.

(It’s not bad, I have cast iron tops on f.ex. my bandsaw and it doesn’t rust just from air humidity)

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Hei der! Welcome to the forum. Where in Norway are you based? The pipes from elektroimportoren.no are holding up nicely. I keep them in a warmed up room, so there’s not any issues with rusting. There is potentially a slight issue with the galvanizing. I’ve heard that zinc dust might be poisonous- but I’m not sure if the bearings would tear the pipes down enough so that dust might develop…

The bearings will knock the zinc off. The tiny amount that does fall off isn’t going to be an issue though. It won’t be large enough to absorb.


Hallo. I live in Bergen, so naturally there’s high humidity throughout the year :slight_smile:

I’m not too worried about the zinc dust, there’s plenty of other stuff in the garage workshop that’s more or equally dangerous if you breathe it. (I’ve worked in a zinc smelting factory and normal common sense will take you a long way)

I’ll probably go ahead with the Elektroimportøren-pipes, but I’ll make an effort or two trying to get something in stainless steel for a reasonable amount of money. The most common size here in Norway seems to be 25 mm (out of the three diameters the 3D print models are offered in) so going for 25 mm galvanized pipes now won’t stop me from upgrading to stainless steel pipes later.

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Sounds like you know what you are getting into, that’s more than I did/do!

If you are ordering from steel retailers you might check out if the have good 25.4mm pipes. They give a little increase in rigidity, compared to the two other versions.

@frenzy81 just make sure you measure the outer diameter before you buy them since pipe sizes are normally defined by the inner diameter. Good luck! Look forward to see your build.