Piper 1 3D printer

That is really really good for that speed in my opinion. I print at 40mm/s max, non print moves are 70mm/s (I think). I might have to try and increase it a bit…I am such a weeny when it comes to this stuff.

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That looks awesome!


Im currently printing all the pieces and waiting for the bearings to come in. Ill upload pictures of the finished product once im at that stage.

Hey Alex, Do you have any spacing specs on the z axis supports? And does the bottom of the z axis to the back corners still use the 43mm spacing with the Piper 1 v2?

Hi Ubaldo, that was quick. It is 38mm. For other details, it will be more appropriate to move this conversation to another place so we will not clutter Ryan’s forum. Could you join FB group or send me the message on thingiverse or from website?

Ubaldo, I just saw your make on Thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/make:519449 (thank you for posting). Very nice build and clean print out of it. I bet building MPCNC prior has helped you to make it so fast :slight_smile: