Pinball cabinet and others with Lowrider 0.05-0.1 accuracy

So I thought it’s time to showcase my humble small contribution to this part of the woods.

My first time entering the CNC world and just following Ryan’s basic milling page I built a quick cad designed snap fit box. Ran out of white paint and wife didn’t buy it’s a “textured look” :joy: so took sons paints and painted this whatever I could in 30 mins I had then!

6mm snap fit perfect.

Next up is a pinball I designed using cam and locks for flat pack style furniture. Pockets and what not, a lot of precision and accuracy required. My build is on a unistrut style table and it’s quite flat plus hard stops on each end and no end stops at the moment. My workflow currently enjoys simplicity :joy:

To those on fence reading some YouTube comments of ppl that couldn’t do it or looking at work bee etc (I was). If you have built things and can cater to doing it step by step testing along way and keeping eye on squareness and tensions and those damn grub screws, honestly nothing will give you the work area this design from Ryan can. It’s pretty clever if I dare say so.

Yes you can add wheels under but then just go for version 1. I can see why Ryan feels they are not really needed. Learning cam is the real deal and bits and speeds etc. is where it’s at whether this or work bee or something else. Long term I can’t say yet but I know how to fix it as I built it and I can print/order parts where as others I’ll just be waiting or orders coming in. It works, but it’s not for someone that’s used to buying off shelf products that just work first time, it might but that depends how you built it.


Thank you for such a nice post. So glad you are enjoying it.

I am always trying to work out how to word that sort of stuff. You need to enjoy the build to some degree, if not, well, CNC is probably not for you. Even if you bought a fully assembled machine, work holding, tiny adjustments, CAM, and putting things together by hand…(attention to detail is maybe a better way to put that) are always needed.

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Thanks Ryan, it is pretty awesome to share the design and spread the love. Good going on your part. So many good minds around the community that was built around this! so much to learn daily.

I have shared the finished cabinet but because of the nature of the artwork, I really can’t keep it up here long. Just wanted to tell people it can be done as long as you have the nick for it, the design allows for it to be done. I just was mislead by some comments on youtube videos and I wanted to help others looking.


iow, a cnc machine is the hammer for those delicate tasks. :wink:

These modern polyurethane glues make even that a part of the fun.

We need welded grub rivets. Double size, double sets.

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Building it and keeping it in top condition is more than half the fun. If there is a useful and/or pleasant object that once and then drops from the working table, it is an added benefit.

Welcome 2 the club.

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Haha! Well said and thank you. Plenty to learn from the tinkerers around here!

Haha count me in on those pulleys! and to be fair I would say it upfront to others looking. If you want commercial speed buy commercial! Simple.

If you looking at hobby cncs, it would be a crime to look past this for the sheer size Ryan’s design achieves and pretty accurate and precise.

To give an idea of precision achieved. Look at the cam lock placements. They can’t be out by a mm and pockets have to be exact z depth as well. In this render they look through profiles but they are actually pockets.


Ok this finished one for a mate is based on fan art. Cut using the low rider. 7 hours of cutting including pocketed screens that neatly fit. Most time as you would have figured are these large pockets.


Looks 100% pro…wow!

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dig this build… nice one Am wondering what screen you used for it ? Would like to see some pics of the internals after its up and running… fav. pin = Addam’s Family

I built a “PinSim” after watching TESTED. I use it with a VR headset.

It’s using a 32 inch 4K ips custom temp programmed panel for playfield. It’s slightly smaller than a traditional pin.

Vpxvr has come long way. Will be testing it with Reverb G2 soon. Still enjoy oldies on 4K play field myself but VR is easily added to the cab and still use cab buttons.

check it out “TILT 5” (AR game board) sometime… note: I ordered T5 via KickStarter. ( 3 x glasses )

I hope to run pinball games (VPX) through it. via Unity which is now pulling VPX tables via VPE.

Loving that build of yours… was the printed vinyl decals expensive ?

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Thanks will def check it out. I like to let kickstarters go main stream and age a bit.

Lowrider did the most part, the design even for a hobby machine achieves great accuracy as long as you are careful with initial build. I just do my work in cad and try get the cam right so it doesn’t let me down.

For Vinyls they should not be that expensive laminated but I do have a large format printer I bought off an office as they closed shop and restored it to its grace so just use that for my big projects etc. They are easy enough to get printed if you do the design work, which would be easy if you do the CAD cabinet work yourself as well.

I also added a nice little toy before he picks it up. Love mixing plastic the way we can now with wood. Imagine doing this by hand back in day ha! Which tells me I really need to do better with tech we have today!! This picture tells me she still needs a bit of TLC lol but he doesn’t really care about small things.


Nice and pretty cabinet.
I really like how you did a few things on yours that I intend to re-do on mine. Thank you for posting!
I built mine using future pinball (3d rendered and better physics).

video of testing my (self design) plunger:

For any of you interested in building a cabinet of your own, here’s my plunger design:


Nice idea re the plunger. I use the pinscape software and then just any pot really will do for plunger. It doubles up as a controller and can drive outputs too quite neat.

Future Pinball was good back in day esp with Slamtilt’s modded tables and physics mods. Without making this thread about Pinball :slight_smile: I would highly recommend trying the new VPX 10.6 +, the physics the lighting everything is leaving everything else behind. And it is ultimately moving to Unity engine as per the post above pointed out so that will give it some real nice rendering bells and whistles. I personally prefer the VPX physics well over FP.

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This is awesome!

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