Picked up a Kickstarter SLA printer

Cheap enough to pull the trigger on, though I’ve been burned a few times in the past on KS. It’s a bit more of a hassle to use due to the post-print procedure (bathe in alcohol, dry and then UV time) but it looks like it’s doing a good job (this one just used the default settings).

[attachment file=118891]

That is one sharp looking benchy.

Oh man, I want one…for I’m not sure but I want one!

Someone else here has one…Can’t wait to see what you both make with them.

That’s a super clean result. How long did it take to print?

Now I am being tempted by you guys on this forum! I spend most of my time hanging out at the Glowforge laser forum. Someone posted that they got an Elegoo Mars which pops up incredibly inexpensive at times. Next thing you know, about ten other people have bought them, including some for whom it is their first 3D printer.

I’m holding out for Christmas, although I did watch a few Moai Phenom videos in the past couple days and am sorely tempted.

That’s a fine looking benchy

I wish resin printers didn’t use resin.

I got my Anycubic Photon for around $300 on ebay (they are listed for more, but I sent an offer of $300 and I think they countered with $350 and I countered with $310 and they accepted it) from the manufacturer listing.


I don’t ever use it because it’s such a mess. Buuuut at the same time I don’t want to get rid of it, because like… what if I need it one day??

I can’t say I’d recommend a casual user getting one. You have to really want it to deal with the cleaning, curing, manual supports, possible health implications of the resin, etc.

Beam3d Prism, got it kickstarter for $199.

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[attachment file=119027]

Cthulhu watches over my work truck…

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Yeah, Beam3D. I’m going to try and print an enclosure for the SKR Pro v1.1 that I want to put on my original MP3DP. I may have to jigsaw puzzle it a bit to fit the print area though. :slight_smile: