Pi5 4gb **WAS** in-stock at Adafruit

Pi5 4gb in stock at Adafruit. (Not many)

Needs lots of power/current, but recommended power supply (5.1V 5A) is currently out of stock

Shows 31 right now. If only I had some money!!

Also have the Pi 4 2gb, does not say how many

Where is this at @RockinRiley ?

both are at adafruit.

Sorry, hopefully not too late

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No problem. I wasn’t planning on ordering one today lol. But I did look out of curiosity on amazon earlier today and then just a google and everything I saw was north of $100 so that why I was wondering lol

I’ve been told by a contact at a local (Colorado) reseller that there’s a large quantity of Pi5 coming, and another large delivery following that. Sadly, the preorders will soak up most of the first batch.

But these are about to become fairly common. Pi4 models and CM4s are already pretty much universally available again, so that’s good news.