Perspex Panels for My D-Bot

Thank you very much again for this amazing CNC machine.

I recently build the D-Bot 3D printer on Thingiverse and wanted to enclose the Printer. My MPCNC was standard sized and because of the size of the D-Bot I had to make the MPCNC bigger. Because of your amazing design, I only had to get some longer pipes and I had already spare belts and all was done at almost no expense :slight_smile:

I designed the shape I wanted and cut the panels out of 3mm perspex and it came out very nice!

Nice!! You should post your cut settings.

I should have, you are right :slight_smile:

I used the Trochoidal milling setting from Estlcam:
Tool: Makita 701 with speed setting on number 2
Bit: 3.17mm 2 Flute Endmill (cheap china brand)
Cutting Depth: 3.5mm (meaning that only one pass was required - this works very well with the Trochoidal milling)
Screenshot with the rest of Estlcam settings:


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Awesome! Did you get any video of the milling, I have not tried the tricordial yet?

Sorry did not take a video.

I tried different cuts and speeds on small peaces of perspex and the best came out with tricodial. This was also my first time using it and love it.

I tried trochoidal milling today and was able to cut an acrylic sheet. With the normal path I was getting melting bad enough I would lose steps and have to abort. I need to try with a deeper cut next I was taking a shallow pass like I would with the straight tool path and it tool forever. Thanks for posting about this I didn’t know this feature existed.

Hi Matt,

Glad to hear that this helped somebody :slight_smile: It seems like trochoidal milling is much more forgiving when it comes to feeds and speeds plus the cutting depth can be easily twice as deep if not three time as deep as with traditional milling.

Dude!! You’re my hero!! Cut out a top cover to my dust shoe tonight. Now I’ll be able to see what I’m screwing up while I’m screwing up!!

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Took a video of it too, but it’s still uploading, I’ll start a new thread now…

Hi All,

Had to cut another perspex panel for my D-Bot and took a quick video clip.