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this is my first post here and I’m completely new to all this. Just by chance I came across a Youtube video from a german guy introducing his MPCNC and I immediately got addicted. I went straight to Amazon/Ebay and bought all the stuff needed for a 25mm version, including my new Ender 3 printer. As I said I’m very new to all this and never before in my life I did 3D printing. Now that I want to give it a start I’m struggling with the Cura setings for all the parts to be printed. From Ryans recommendation I understand that the infill usually is 55% (some parts different as outlined in the parts list). However, what is not clear to my is which infill geometry to use and more important what does it mean when Ryan recommends “2 or more perimeters for through hole strength”? Is this the thickness of the walls? Does it mean I should print the parts with a wall thickness of 2 mm or more (I’m using PLA). What about the top/bottom thickness? Any recommendations here? Could anybody share the Cura settings with a newbie like me? Any help highly apreciated.



In cura, yes, this is the wall thickness. You will need to set the wall thickness at a multiple of the line width in cura. So if you have .4 for the line width, you will need to set the wall thickness to .8 at least, although, I think cura will let you just tell it how many walls you want.


It’s the number of walls, when he says 2 or more, not necessarily “2mm”.

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I agree with Aaron’s answer above. I will also add that I personally like to use 3-6 perimeter layers on parts that are used for structure. Trinkets and toys I will use fewer. Also the infill type doesn’t matter as much IMHO. I personally like the look of the triangle pattern but as long as you have the infill % set to what Ryan recommends you are going to be fine.

Some tips for you. Don’t print too many parts until you buy your pipes. The fit is important.

Make sure you measure the thickness of your filament with a set of calipers. In Cura there is a filament diameter setting make that match for cleaner prints.

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