Pen Mount

Hey all, Sorry if this has been asked before but does anyone know if Ryan’s pen mount puts the pen about where the 660 bit would be? Thanks

Nope, pens vary in size and the router sticks out further than most pens in the mount.

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Thanks Ryan, I am just trying to make some reference marks on my spoil board for lining up projects. Any tips? Probably just use a measuring tape and do it manually.

Unless you have dual end stops the marks will change. I do not line things up on any of my machines. I mount them securely and go from there.

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I have the dual end stops so I’m just gonna measure from the home spot manually. Thanks!

Hey Mike, here’s how I have my mpcnc set up. The blocks are quarter inch scrap plywood that are screwed down to the spoil board. I squared them up by moving it to the limit then touching the bit the length of the board. They also have a couple dots of superglue to keep them from moving, but allows me to pop them off when they get scared up too much.


Hey Barry thank you for sharing. I’m sure you didn’t wanna just show off your bamboo LR2 plates :wink: What I ended up doing was just making a mark at 2 inches to the right of my home position then one 2 inches above that to make a 90 angle. I set up in cam with the two inch space. I want the gap so I set it to go 0,0 for tool changes. I start the program by disabling the steppers then move over my work piece and home Z. When clicked for continue it homes then starts the project. I tested it all out today and it worked really well except the damn z clip kept popping off. Oh and something strange happened during one of the carves it went to 0,0 twice and then just continued off where it was.

Recently I have a magnet in the alligator clip. It works pretty good but you have to pay attention or it can droop and hit the surface first.


I have something similar to Barry’s for the production of the 611 plates. Made me think a bit of a french cleat would be much more useful. you can just use two screws on the opposite sides and hold it really well. I had a non-square piece come out during an aggressive cut. Next time I set up a jig it will have a slight angle to the cut.

I’m thinking I’m just gonna get a slightly larger alligator clip from work for the z probe. So just make the corner hold down piece slightly taller than the material and angled. I can see that being a good simple solution. I’ve just been using these printed hold downs: they are working so far.