Pen Laser FluidNC board on eBay

Previous gen…not really any difference other than the connectors, I don’t think.

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This is a good board.


Gee, I think I might know someone who might be interested in this :smile:

I just need this to go along with it right?

In the unlikely event that I win, can I combine shipping with other stuff from the store? (If I win, it would be the very first time I have ever won a bid, actually. I’ve only ever managed to get “buy it now” stuff from eBay. I therefore expect not to win.)

I was going to tell you about it but I have never used a servo with it and I am not sure if it is easier or harder. This is a GRBL32 board, so I am not sure exactly how much it transfers over to Fluidnc…I think 100% (I hope so as my big table is using this board I just have not updated it yet. I have my hands a little full to test is either.


Yes for sure. Just place your store order as soon as possible I think Ebay keeps track of how long until I ship.

Now I have two of these so don’t go crazy over them. One goes and I list the other. Or just tell me what you think it is worth and I add it to your store order.

I wasn’t sure if anyone would want them so eBay is the the easiest place to list.

You can also just put them up with a reasonable markup and make them buy it now auctions.

I bet you’d already be done with the two that you have :slight_smile:

I won’t bid on it Dan. its your (or at least I won’t be the one to steal it out from under you)

@vicious1 if you have a second one to bid on I’ll try for that, or if like @MakerJim said, if you have a buy it now cost that is reasonable, I would consider it.

The whole point of an auction is to go to what it’s worth. I appreciate the sentiment, though.

My history of bidding on stuff was mostly car parts that were worth more to someone who apparently needed to “win” and paid more for used parts than they were worth brand new from a dealer. Some people really seem to lose their cool with those auctions, and end up paying more than stuff should reasonably be worth.

I also don’t bid often because I generally want it now, and not next week.

This is a case where I don’t need the board per se, but if I can get it for what I put in as my max bid, then I’ll find a use for it. I have 3 sets of ZenXY printed parts in boxes, for example, and I think I have hardware for 1 more, but I only have 1 control board, which I’m using to test FluidNC on in various configurations.

I don’t mind at all, I just found them and do not want them sitting here collecting dust.

If you want to win an ebay auction, you have to set an alarm and bid in the last 30s. Otherwise, you won’t feel pressured to go outside your comfort zone and spend more than it’s worth.

I can relate to this and the other comments below.

Usually, when I bid on something on Ebay, I take care to submit a bit within the last 10 seconds of an auction, at a bid price that I feel reasonable about paying. This does several things for me:

  • it prevents me from getting emotional and doing the irrational bidding above reasonable value.
  • it prevents someone else from being irrational and bidding it up above a reasonable price.
  • it forces me to decide if the item is worth the effort for the hassle to last-second bid. If not, then it’s a sure sign that I don’t need it, after all.
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Whadda ya know? First time for everything.

(I also placed order #24192 with the shop. hope I can save a few bucks on shipping with the two orders.)

I got you. I will pack it up shortly.

@vicious1 You still have that second board?

Same price sound good? $20 shipped?

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