; Machine type: Rectangular
; Min X (mm): 0
; Max X (mm): 990
; Min Y (mm): 0
; Max Y (mm): 495
; Content type: shape
; Selected Shape: Fractal Spirograph
; Velocity: 8
; Resolution: 11
; Number of circles: 2
; Relative size (parent to child circle): 3
; Alternate rotation direction: true
; X offset: 0
; Y offset: 0
; Number of loops: 135
; When transforming shape: smear
; Spin: true
; Spin (+/-): 0.75
; Spin by: function
; undefined: 10*sin(3+i/5)
; Grow: true
; Scale (+/-): 158
; Scale by: constant
; Track: false
; Path reversed: true
; File name: ‘FractV3’



It looks like the new svg optimizations have improved the svg output size by enough to allow uploading :tada:!

It is 2.0MB now.

I’m not 100% sure I got it exactly right. The starting size doesn’t seem to be in the notes…

Interesting. I went back and looked in the original gcode and the starting size wasn’t captured in the notes. I think the starting size was around 0.6. In any case, I think you got it pretty close!

The spin value also didn’t seem to be captured. I think bob is working on a better format for the notes anyway.

We may be missing values… I’ll review to be sure all are captured in the comments.

211 layers (using 0.2.4) …

timelapse here:


Nice! You put that together fast.

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That is freaking cool!

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