Parts for MPCNC


My Project to build own Artisan 3 MPCNC LowRider, but unfortunately, Artisan 3’s link is broken and I cant process to build CNC with parts by Step to Step to following introduction at Artisan 3 link.

I already brought parts to prepare build own CNC,

The parts list that I have,
1x Ardunio Uno
1x CNC Shield GRBL
1x 24V DC 6.3 AMP Power Supply
5x DRV8825 Stepper motor driver
5x 68g.cm2 stepper motors

Can I use those parts to build MPCNC by Allted?


Chris Van Gewden

Yep. Those will work great. You’ll need to wire the double motors in series, and set the driver current limit on the drv8825s. Otherwise, you can pretty much follow the standard instructions. You should use a gcode sender that is compatible with grbl, like universal gcode sender.

Hi Jeffeb3

Thank you for helping.


Chris Van Gewden

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