Partially printed cross cut jig

I have sold my table saw a few years ago because it was a loud beast and I was afraid of getting complaints from neighbors and also… I have a lot of respect for a table saw and saw myself with half a thumb down the road eventually because of one unintentional move.
So I stuck with circular saw jigs and a Hitachi saw with “silent mode”. But The jigs were the ones you see on youtube with either aluminum angles to slide the saw on or a wood slide over the cross cut. I always found it difficult to use those because the aluminum profiles bend and the wood has too much resistance - even with Teflon tape.

But then I thought of the LR2 sled for the router and the corner mounts of the old MPCNC… I got it half way done and should be done by this weekend. Essentially a circular saw cross cut jig sliding on a LR2 like X-axis mounted by MPCNC clamps. The PPCCJ (partially printed cross cut jig :wink:

Expect pictures soon

I started this some time back. It’s on 5’ rails now, so I can crosscut 4’ sheet goods with it.

It’s LR2 sled bearings and a plywood base to mount the circular saw on. It’s capable of reaching the base with the saw all the way down. I can also tilt the saw for miter cuts up to 45°, though that means less deep material.


I’m with ya on the table saw issue. I ran a circular saw with a home made track for a while and then bit the bullet and bought a Makita track saw. It’s awesome, wish I had Makita batteries already so I could get the cordless but had to go with corded. The dust collection is awesome. I now use the CNC to make parallel guides to the size that I want for cabinets or whatever I’m building. Takes 15 minutes to adjust the cad and make new guides.

Your idea sounds awesome too, looking forward to some pics


If you can mount the saw at 90* to the shown orientation you’ll have a panel saw too.

Mine is intended to be a panel saw… I still use my tablesaw.

I was told by a few different friends who work in the insurance industry, that the amount of injury claims resulting from work on a 4’ ladder are several times the value of claims due to falling from taller ladders. This is not due to more frequent use of 4’ ladders either, but simply caused by a false perception of safety. Tbh I throw myself up and down 4’ ladders like a kid skipping down the road, but take my footing a lot more seriously on top of an extended 30’er. If I break my neck falling off a ladder, it will be likely be off the 4’er. This is a habit that requires constant attention to avoid.

So definitely do things to make your rigs safer, but to be safe you still need to maintain a healthy level of “scared” with it. So for real, doing something like gluing shark teeth to the saw if you find yourself getting complacent with a new safer setup is not a sign of insanity.


Alright, so I did not really put much planning into this, but with adjusting the fence this works pretty well. I got to find longer screws for the clamp downs so it is still a work in progress.


looks good to me. That sled looks a lot like mine, but that would be parallel development. starting from the same LR bearing holders.

I ended up having to scavenge the lumber that I assembled my frame with, so it’s just got the rails and holders (and saw) sitting out for now.