Part Count - Hardware

Hi all, hi Ryan,

after disassembling the version 1 MPCNC, I am amidst putting together the new one, now having finished the middle assembly (almost). I found out that this 130mm M8 bolt was not part of the old construction. Another trip to my hardware shop tomorrow.

I remember there once was a list of the differences in part count for the old and new one, but lacking the right search keywords, I can’t find it and I am not sure what else I will need. All new parts are printed, got the coupler and the threaded spindle, steppers etc. are recycled.

So, anything else apart from that 130mm bolt I will need? TIA for your advice!




Ulli, doing an update! I’m excited. Shoot I do not think I ever had anything more than a forum post back then for updates. I think it is the 5" and 4x 2.5" bolts depending on what version you are coming from. I would do a quick sit down with the parts list just to be certain. The first few versions changed quickly and V3-4 is what most people call V1

Ryan, thanks. As far as I see, the 130 mm / 5" is the only exotic size. The 65 mm ones (your 2.5" size) could easily also be 6o mm, those are yet easier to get here, and they should still be long enough.

My hardware shop ( is a very special place, there are few parts they don’t have on store. And you can buy a single washer, or take it home for free. Very friendly service, a must for creative people.

I’ll post some photos as soon as there is something worth posting.