Parametric version of Example Table

My daughter and I are looking at making her a desk for her room and she’s after a sand table so we are going to make one of these together - we’ve started by making the example table model a bit more parametric as we needed it a lot smaller for her room! Fusion 360 link Fusion - now added. Our first attempt at a parametric fusion360 model so may be errors and havent tried to build from it yet so beware!


If you spend a little time here, you can make a link. Or you can put it in back ticks and it will let you post it (but people will have to copy paste it).

I have a zen desk. It is counter height and I love working on it. I am not sure I would love it as a sitting desk, because the thickness is not small. But if she’s happy, we’re all happy.


Thats a really going point on the depth of the table surface - is there a model available of the assembled ZenXY (like the second picture on the ZenXY docs site) anywhere so i can stick it in the table and see how to minimise depth? If not will re-create from the step files

I think the source is in onshape. @Ryan would know.

No that one was Solidworks which I no longer have access too so all the files are linked in Fusion from the zen page. Step files and the table. That is all I have.