Parallelogram baby gate

My baby girl just started to pull up herself on the stairs, so I had to install a baby gate…
The problem: the staircase devides the living room and the dining room. A normal gate would block the way when it’s open.
I looked for some inspiration on the internet and found some examples for parallelogram baby gates. :+1:
With that great idea, I designed my own one. In addition, I tried to avoid bore holes on the walls by clamping the side plates onto the stairs.
Only on the right plate, there is one screw to hold it in place.
All parts are cut on my lowrider and the whole project came out really well :slight_smile:


Well Done! :+1:

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That is pretty sweet. Fine work, all around fine work. You get a raise!


Man, I lost count how many flights of stairs I fell down as a kid. We never had those fancy carpet covered stairs either, always old wooden farmhouse stairs! :rofl: Mom would look at me, make sure I wasn’t leaking anywhere then say “hurt didn’t it”.


Well done, a very worthwhile project with a little one exploring the place.

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How is the top end fastened to the wall? If used as a handrail

When it’s closed, it fits into the side plate. When it is open, there is actually no bracket to hold it in place. At this position, I think I will add a holder on the bottom of the gate to prevent it from gliding down the stairs.


That is great very nicely done😀

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Not a parallelogram but I just made a second one for the stairs down to the cellar.
I’m very glad that my dual lock mechanism really works! :slight_smile:



This will be in my future pretty soon. How does your dual lock mechanism work?

Also, random off topic but are you in Europe by any chance?

I will try to create an animation in CAD, that will explain it a lot better than I could do that with words only :slight_smile:

And yes I’m at Germany, Bavaria

Hahah I figured, you don’t see nice stairs like that too often here in North America… Also nice use of torx fasteners! Looks very clean.

lol. But yeah, the stairs are really nice and also quiet! Each single step is resting in rubber bushings which are assembled into the walls :+1:

Here is an animation of the locking mechanism. When the rod with the dowel is moved upwards, it pushes the slide backwards to open the gate. On the back of the slide there are two magnets orientated counterways to act as spring. The rod won’t return by gravity because it has too much friction but the magnets push the slider back in position.
The rod is connecting the upper lock to the lower one and therefore the both slide in parallel