Outstanding service

I placed a small order on Saturday, thinking maybe Ryan can get to it Monday or Tuesday. With a whole lot of luck,the post office might deliver on Saturday, since it has to travel half way across the country and since covid hit, shipping has been slow. If not no big deal, I’ll see it next week.
I received an email confirmation for the order and then another that it had shipped. On Saturday! USPS says expect delivery tomorrow.
I can’t say enough on what outstanding service Ryan provides.
He out Amazon’s Amazon!!


Thanks for taking the time to say that.

I do try, I know any order very well could be that one part someone is waiting for. Saturday’s are my day I tend to “knock off early” if at all possible so you got lucky :wink:!


I’m impressed with Ryan’s service every time I order something. So many other companies could take notes. Thank you!


@ddbuster my order was a similar story. Fast and as you described. The only difference is my post office is slow as crap and it delayed my delivery. But even with that it was still less than a week to get the order all the way across the country.

So again kudos to @vicious1 and I’d highly recommend ordering from him.