Outer and inner diameter

Hi, I am looking at building this and I am going to use 25mm pipe and 18mm pipe.

What thickness of the pipe should I get? 1.5mm, 2mm?

Would 25mm x 1.5 suffice? And will the belt travel freely in a 18 mm outer diameter and a 13 mm inner diameter?

Also, choice of materials, aluminum or stainless steel?

In the US, pipe and tubing are measured differently. Pipe is measured by the outside and tubing is measured by the inside, so in the US, pipe would not work. You want to make sure that 25mm is the outside diameter of whatever tubing you will be using.

In the US, the material of choice, and the material that Ryan designed for, is conduit. It is available at my local hardware store and it is cheap. It is just steel with a galvanized surface. Ryan mentioned on one post that the external diameter of international conduit is 25mm, which is why he sized his parts to 25mm.

I just looked it up, and the wall thickness of 3/4" US conduit is 1.2mm, so 1.5mm should be plenty thick enough.

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thank you for your reply. I´ll try to get conduit, if not possible, I´ll get aluminium with 1.5 mm thickness.

I like that there is very much knowledge amongst the users here!

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Steel! You want steel!

The point pressure of the bearings will flatten aluminum in a heartbeat.

Galvanized is fine, DOM is good (just use some paste wax to inhibit rust), and stainless is pretty, but can be very spendy. But aluminum is way too soft, and you’ll end up with flat spots where the bearings ride on the rail, and even steel will eventually end up with flat spots, you will likely wear out most of your other components at least once before then…

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Ok. I´ll get steel pipe.

This goes for the lowrider v3 as well? I want steel?

Also I believe you need two sizes for the zen table.
1/2” emt is 18.1 mm o/d
3/4” emt is 23.4 mm o/d
And yes emt is the cheapest and recommended route.
And a decent tube cutter and de burr tool you can go and probably cut it yourself.

They want the long rail to be 1/2” emt.
I am just going through this step rn on my lr3 build.

I was confused half way through and realized some of the parts are made for the different sizes and some parts are specific
Like the triangle braces. And the long y brace feet.

I literally just have this open haha I hope it helps.

I´m sure you´ll get it right!

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