OSHWA Certified!

Pretty freaking cool!


Congratulations Ryan!

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I’m sure it’s great news, or you wouldn’t have posted it so congrats!

However, to enlighten myself, I asked Mr Google "What is OSHWA)

and he said:

“DId you mean Oshawa?”

Oshawa - Wikipedia

(Oshawa - Wikipedia)

So I’m sorry, I have to bother you to please fill me in, I did try!

The Open Source Hardware Certification Program is operated by the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA). OSHWA is a nonprofit organization that aims to foster technological knowledge and encourage research that is accessible, collaborative and respects user freedom.

The certification program exists to make it easy for creators and users to identify hardware that follows the community definition of open source hardware maintained by OSHWA. Hardware projects that display the certification logo are licensed and documented in a way that makes it easy for users to use and build upon them.


Thanks for that - I really didn’t think it had any relationship to the Women’s Association of Occupational Health and Safety (which was another term I turned up!) :open_mouth:

Yes it doesn’t mean much and a whole lot at the same time. Basically it is just a stamp of approval saying I have met all the requirements for open source, and I am not just saying it.




So that is a new one for me, what does it do for you, do they look the board over and guarantee it to be open source? Does it get you UL listing?

This is a just a guarantee It is truly open source, all the files and permissions are correct and present. Kinda proof I am not just saying it as a buzzword. On our side it lets me use their logos.

Odd note, I only see the prusa mini on there. I would have figured someone with this logo tattooed on his arm might register everything.


You’re not only talking the talk, you’re walking a tough path of holding to open source principles and also running a successful business and associated community.

I personally think this is really, really cool.

Does this mean things are about ready to finalize for having BTT build and distribute the Jackpot board? I’ll be hoping this proves to be another step forward for you and drives builds in a larger swath of the world.


Thanks for the kind words!

I want to add the new graphics, and give it another week or so to see how the new firmware is doing now that there are probably 50-60 (I really need to keep count) boards out there. Try to squash any easy bugs before we unleash the floodgates.


Epic! The number 2434 is a pretty good one too. When are you getting your OSHW tattoo?

As soon as the river is too cold to go play in!

…maybe not on the forearm though. I’ll put it near my calipers.

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At the risk of sounding defensive on a subject I know (almost) nothing about - would that be because the Mk3 is built on generations of open source stuff? I know that the noisy crowd complain because there are four screws missing from the online docs and therefore it’s not open source, but I think it goes deeper than that.

I’m surprised the mini is there as I thought the new “Buddy” board was still proprietary too?

It’s a terribly vexed question - I’m glad I’m not in Jo Prusa’s shoes, trying to live up to perhaps an unreal philosophy and hand over your secrets while having to feed 800 people!

Prusa has said for the XL and parts of the Mk$ that they won’t release documents until their supply chain issues (read backlog of orders) are clear - as their opposition was simply bidding against them in the face of shortages to build clones without “giving back”.

And once again GOOD ON YOU!!!