OSB and Plywood Textured Parrot

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Some neat CNC art at my local coffee shop (cafe 13 in Golden, CO). I don’t know who the artist is, it just has the masking tape price tag.

Most parts are plywood, with some OSB. The individual pieces are painted or have some texture (paper, I think) applied. I’m not sure it’s CNC, actually. It’s layered, it looks even better IRL.

One interesting lesson is that up close, it has several flaws, but they really don’t matter. Goes to show, you shouldn’t point out your mistakes.

Must be a Jimmy Buffet fan. It is pretty awesome for sure. I used to live by a few coffee shops that rotated the art like that in San Diego, that is the biggest flaw with the chain coffee shops around my spot now. I really like new art and an ex used to by the crafty earnings and stuff.

Now, knowing either way a band saw, jig saw, or CNC, that was a ton of work that went into that. One of the rare times I think $350 is probably just a break even price.

As for the flaws, I have a bad habit of pointing them out on my own stuff. I am learning.


Yeah, the $350 is probably just enough to fund their next venture. I would guess a lot of hours went into it and about $30 in material.

My son loves the hat. I like the textures. The cigar simultaneously disgusts me and attracts me. I also really like the plain wood grain around his face.

Woodworking flaws are sort of like brush strokes in a painting. If you didn’t see the brush strokes, then it would look like a photograph. If you’re going for the photo look, then you’ve got to really get it right. Ikea makes a lot of picture perfect furniture. If you’ve got some flaws, then try to accept that it is one of a kind. I saw some advice on a beginner woodworking guide to never point out the mistakes. You’re so close to the work that you see them, but other people just see what you did right.

We have solid wood end tables that we bought at a furniture store. I really liked that they were dstressed, which is why I let the wife buy them.

When they got delivered, we found out that the ‘distressed’ is machine made. Both end tables were identical… pissed me off. I almost took a hammer to one to make it look different, but I didn’t want to destroy the finish and didn’t feel like refinising it afterwards.

The Parrot looks cool. I can see the worth in it, but would probably try to make it myself if I really wanted one in the house. Between my woodworking skills and my wife’s artistic side, we can pretty much make anything we see.

Sounds like the perfect team!