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If I order the MPCNC kit from the V1 Shop and select dual endstop do I still need to order the endstop switches or are they included in the kit?
Besides the Spindle, metal and control board do I need to supply any thing else to get Dual end stops working?
Is there a way to select the wire length when ordering? I want to build a 3’x2’ frame setup but fear that the wiring will be short for that build?

Yes you will need to order the endstop switches (I forgot on my initial order) that’s how I know! You will probably need to extend your wiring so I would get some extra wiring on amazon to extend your wiring.

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Endstops come with the Rambo board (included by the board manufacturer) but they will need to be purchased separately if you ordered the SKR Pro board. There is no way to select wiring length when ordering, and the wires are not long enough for the build you outline. I had to extend my wires by soldering in some additional lengths, but if I had it to do all over again, I would have just purchased a second set of dual wires so I would have a plug-and-play solution. An alternate solution (to soldering or a second set) is to purchase Dupont wires off Amazon. Some of the sellers sell them in a variety of lengths like this one, though I think the gauge of the wiring is a bit better using the V1 wiring kit.

Also if you have to purchase endstops, you may want to purchase endstop plug wires for each endstop. These wires create a better match in terms of length when plugging in both the steppers and the endstops into the wiring harness.

Edit to add: the endstop plug wires also come with the Rambo board.

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Thank you both that is very helpful for sure.