Optical Endstop pinout

Can anyone tell me what is the pinout for the Optical Endstop at Optical Endstop – V1 Engineering Inc? I’m sure it’s super simple, but looking at the picture, it’s not clear. I don’t see a description on the project page and haven’t found anything on the forums, either.

Normally I would not make assumptions about similarity between products that are not positively known to be the same, but in this case because it is so common, the parts will aim to be compatible, so I think it’s extremely likely that the pinout is the same as this (dimensions may or may not match):

Which has this pinout/description:

This is further supported by the fact that this matches the rambo pinout for the pins on the JST connector if you were to use a double-ended JST (e.g. in Amazon listing) instead of JST to Dupont.


These Photos might help a bit.
I wish I had taken them before I put the whole thing together!