Opinion question (not necessarily CNC specific)

Received my DeWalt cordless trim router today, for a non CNC project while I’m finishing my LR3, that will use my Makita RT0701C.

My question that is more of a poll, if you will is:

Within the community today, what is your favorite “brand” of router bits you use? And why it is your favorite if you are willing to share.

Obviously different manufacturers might dictate a different favorite based on material. So although that might change your answer, please consider wood products as the material in question.

Thanks in advance.

That’s a bit of a trick question for me.
I have bought two “no name” sets - a half inch and a quarter inch, each with around 20 bits in them. The half inch version I’ve had for thirty years or so, or at least I’ve had the box. The idea behind that is that most odd bits might only get used once in a lifetime in a hobby situation, some never, so they are a bit of a sample pack really.

They are sub mid-range rubbish, but will last a project or two, and I always (mostly) have the right bit to hand when I’m doing something.

When the rubbish bit is destroyed either by use or abuse, I replace it with a better quality one, usually a “bit for life” - something like Carbitool (in Australia) or Lee Valley.


I am buying my endmills from Sorotec, they are not cheap, but still not high end like Datron. :slight_smile:

Similar to @bitingmidge here.

I bought a junk set of 1/4" shank brazed carbide bits for hand-held router stuff. As I use them and they get broken or wear out, I re-buy them in better quality versions. For NZ/Aus I buy Sutton because it’s decent quality, ok price and often locally available. For other stuff if I’m placing an order from overseas I’ve bought a bunch of CMT/Whiteside stuff.

I quite like starting with crappy consumables and then re-buying in quality once I’ve used them. It means I have a bunch of ‘disposable’ bits if I’m doing something questionable. I always have 2 sets of twist drills, one if I want to do a good job, the other that gets used for wood that may have nails or may be abused by punching through into something else, etc. I have a table saw blade that came with my saw that has a bunch of chipped carbide teeth. Makes a terrible cut, but if I might hit a nail then so be it. Then I have a nice high tooth count thin kerf CMT plywood blade that cuts like a dream and gets used for stuff that I care about. That kinda thing.

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Anyone tied these?


Drillman1 on ebay!

I was using 1/8" endmills from Amazon that came in a 10 pack. I would cut a few things out and they would be dull and start burning. I was also having some accuracy issues with the puzzle coasters I was trying to make.

I bought a bunch of the V1 1/8" endmill and am still on the first one. I cut what feels like hours worth of white oak and hickory and they are still just as sharp.

If you mean non-cnc router bits, I’ve been buying Yonico bits from amazon for various molding and profiling projects. They havent given me a reason to dislike them so far.