OpenSauce Live - San Francisco show

Oh check this out!

I am approved, have a booth, and making plans for this show. It is local to me and the list of YouTubers going to be there means this is going to be one crazy show!


Looks fun, much closer than Denver :slightly_smiling_face:. Free for exhibitors, but would have to pay if just attending?


Yeah it has a one day ($80-95), Two day ($350), VIP meet the youtubers pass ($1000). Tickets - Open Sauce The other downside is SF is pricey to stay in. I have not looked at hotels yet but I don;t think I want to drive back and forth each day, SF traffic / parking can be very unpredictable.

I will see how many tickets they alot me, if I can, I will gladly hook you up! Any of you RMRRF fest crew if I can get extra tickets, you guys get them first.


Wow! It’s like the internet decided to meet up. Haha, this looks amazing!


The more I think about it, the more it feels like there will be a million cameras there and everyone doing crazy stuff trying to get content with each other…and their fans everywhere. Seems like a recipe for an unimaginable madhouse.


More info,

We find out info from William Osman’s videos first, then they share some details in our private discord. This is getting super nuts…they are bringing in a Ship, and a fight to the death pinewood derby.


I might print a LR core scaled to fit as a pinewood car. That seems pretty fun.

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What scale % would you print the core?

Found and I still have DeWalt colored filament from RMRRF…

Outfitted with an aggressive looking auger bit printed in TPU would be funny :rofl:

Edit: Maybe not, didn’t realize how many Pinewood Derby design rules/contraints there are.

I was thinking we should print a router for the lowrider example at the festivals. Maybe people would stop saying it’s a slow plotter.


I will be bringing a router from now on for sure

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And a laser, and a plasma torch, and a …

… extruder! :rofl:

Just saw this. Youtuber making to San Francisco for Open Sauce I want to meet you, but I need your help! (Open Sauce + LTX Expo) - YouTube


I saw him later in the evening, he made it.

This show is absolutely wild. Not a RRF at all. I love the project diversity. I will try to take more pics but out of context they might not seem as impressive.

Maslow CNC is back to the original creator, has a new version. He is infectiously enthusiastic, hope we get to talk some more but one of us is always talking to people.

That pink handheld CNC team is right next to me, super fun. They are crushing bugs and implementing features on the fly. Looks like a fun tool. I hope they pursue this project further.

It is odd to recognize so many YouTube people, and not recognize some. I was talking to one gentleman sever times, people would walk up and lose their minds to see him. Fun

So many updates, I’ll try to take notes and more pictures.


Shoot didnt realize I replied in gmail! Nice setup! maybe you could talk mrrf peeps into changing venue to include the stuff you have seen there??


Uhhhhh, do you know everyone in this picture? What a great conversation, like beyond awesome.

Wild day…beyond wild.


I took a bunch of pictures and vid clips today. Might need to wait until I get home though to upload more.

The crowd in our section midday.


Just meet you today and thank you for your recommendations and I’ll deferentially be trying to build a MPCNC mainly so I can do it to help my mom and using the router feature. Also what is the default size that is recommended for the kit.


I remember absolutely!

For the MPCNC primo you can go up to about 24" x 24". Bit smaller is better.


Hello @Baden_Armstrong! Welcome to the V1 Engineering community!

LowRider 3 is a nice machine to build if you’re wanting to build larger than 24".

Good luck with your build! Cheers!