OpenSauce Live - San Francisco show

Oh check this out!

I am approved, have a booth, and making plans for this show. It is local to me and the list of YouTubers going to be there means this is going to be one crazy show!


Looks fun, much closer than Denver :slightly_smiling_face:. Free for exhibitors, but would have to pay if just attending?

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Yeah it has a one day ($80-95), Two day ($350), VIP meet the youtubers pass ($1000). Tickets - Open Sauce The other downside is SF is pricey to stay in. I have not looked at hotels yet but I don;t think I want to drive back and forth each day, SF traffic / parking can be very unpredictable.

I will see how many tickets they alot me, if I can, I will gladly hook you up! Any of you RMRRF fest crew if I can get extra tickets, you guys get them first.


Wow! It’s like the internet decided to meet up. Haha, this looks amazing!


The more I think about it, the more it feels like there will be a million cameras there and everyone doing crazy stuff trying to get content with each other…and their fans everywhere. Seems like a recipe for an unimaginable madhouse.