ONSHAPE help please

Ok, it seems most people are using FUSION, but i dont, and i have an issues i cant seem to figure out what i am doing wrong.

I and trying to do a Square to round and the LOFT command seems to be twisting the edges of the square to round. the example below is a 50x50x50 block LOFTING to a 100mm circle

And you can see the twist i am on about, anyone out there good with Onshape and can help?

Welcome to the secret Onshape V1 society! :face_with_peeking_eye:

I can bumble my way through most lofts but I really don’t understand the maths.

If you use the “split” tool, which is stacked with the “cut” tool to split the circle into four segments, or as many as you need to match the polygon you are joining with, that will force the loft to act more as expecteed.

right, ok, they all do it and they all have there own way of doing it.
thanks peter!

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