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Hello, I started an MPCNC build a couple years ago, late 2015 or early 2016. I have it almost all the way done except for a couple parts. Searching this website, forum, and thingiverse, I’m not seeing anywhere where the old files are hosted. Is there an archive of the older files anywhere? I don’t want to start over from scratch with the new files due to time and only having a small MP Select Mini 3d printer now. Thanks for any help.

What parts, and for what size?

I had to take them down as people kept mixing them up.

I’m not sure which parts I need. I think it’s just a couple pieces on the z axis. I’m attaching a picture of the state of my build.

It is pretty blurry but it looks complete. you just need to use the old tool mounts that are still available on thingiverse but you need to know what size it is.

I looked through the old site on the internet archive and I think all I’m missing is the rigid coupler and the tool mount, as you said. Any chance you could post the STL for the coupler? Also, do you think I could use the newer style tool mount? I have the 23.5mm OD, U.S. version.

The rigid coupler is sitting on your table and the old version did not have a tool mount. Each tool had it’s own mount, you will have to get it off of thingiverse. The new ones will not fit.

Ok, thanks for the clarification on the tool mount. For the coupler, the one I have on the table is the newer pineapple coupler. I need the old rigid coupler since the pineapple one doesn’t fit. I took a closer picture and also uploaded a picture from your old site that shows the old coupler.



They are the same thing, the pineapple is better. There are two sizes, if it doesn’t fit use the other pineapple.

Oh…your right it is wider. An aluminum coupler will fit if you have one. I don’t have the files handy there are on a backup drive. I can look tomorrow if you don’t have a coupler.

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Ok, I didn’t realize there was a smaller one. Thanks for getting me on the right track. Hopefully it won’t be long before I have it running.

There isn’t a smaller pineapple, my mistake. It has been years since I have even seen that part. I am sure there are some other small couplers on thingiverse if you don’t have an aluminum one, if you don’t let me know and I will look on my backup tomorrow.

Ah, ok. I'll find a different coupler to print or just order an aluminum one. Thanks for the help.