Did sombody know wehre I can find the stl. filds for the old CNC?
I just got brocke some parts from my CNC. But I cna´t find the parts.

Can’t you share a picture? There are several older versions.

Yes here.

A nother View

I believe that is the burly. Search Thingiverse - Thingiverse
this is the search, depending on what part you need it should be there! There are 3 different sizes listed, that is for the tubing, measure yours and make sure to get the correct size!

That is the weirdest thing, my link is the the search for burly, but it will not work once I click save!!!
Just search for Burly and you will find it.
Persistence. I think I have the link working.

Sry this isnt the right one. I need one with this things

It schould be about 4 years old


I have a complete set of printed parts for a Primo if you want to upgrade cheaply. :smiley:

Sry no thank you :smiley:

I think that’s an add-on to the Burly for tensioning the belts that wasn’t designed by @Ryan - maybe this? My Burly works fine with the belts zip-tied through the slots on the corner pieces.

Yeah. That looks like a Burly to me too. And it used zip ties for that. So that is not a “stock” part.

Looks a lot like this belt tensioner:

Yes thank you very much. Thanks to all of you.