Old Build Versions

I just noticed in the build instructions for the middle that at the end it shows parts like the ones in the partial build I bought from my work associate. Is it adaptable to the T8 rod and brass nut?

The new parts will not fit the older style. It has to be built as a set.

So does the old set use a different tool holder also?


I have all of the parts for the old version of the MPCNC except for the tool mounting parts. I will likely print the newest version at some point but would like to print the tool mounts for the version I have (see pics attached.) Where can I find tool mount files for the version I have?

I’m not sure why I can’t get the pics of the version I have to upload. I have to pics. I am going to try them one at a time.




I’m going to give it one more try. I have old version parts, but am looking for the matching old version tool mount parts. Pics attached show the version of parts I have. Where would I find printable part files for the tool mount pieces?[attachment file=“IMG_6183.JPG”]
[attachment file=“IMG_6182.JPG”]

Thanks for the reply Barry. Any idea where the stls for the old version might be?

Ryan pulled them off thingiverse to stop the confusion. These might be the right parts.

Thanks Barry,

It looks like those files are for a dust shoe. I don’t see the actual tool mount. However you will be glad to know that you now have a honored place on my computer designated by the folder “Old Stls from Barry”.


Hahahaha! Let me dig around. Thought that was the mount as well. Do you need the part that clamps to the router, or the pard between the z tubes?

Try this one. Forgot, the old version didn’t have the middle part like the new version.


Wow you have all kinds of files up your sleeve. I’m looking for the parts that go between the tubes. I’m probably using the wrong terminology. I think it is called C_Tool Mount and C_Nut Trap on the new one.

Thanks for the files. Didn’t have those either.

Have a great 4th!