Ogee bits n bits

Made a few signs for people at work and used this cutting profile bit. Pretty handy to not have to cut a path with normal bit, calculate distance, then swap to a profile bit and hope that all paths are set up correctly so the profile bit doesn’t bottom out.

Now I can just plunge however far I want and call it good😊

(3 operations. Cut out letters for the name with v- it, use profile bit for fancy edges, then cut out with normal 1/4" bit)


Is it really faster to change bits and make the profile cut?

I have a router table setup and ready nearby, and it’s usually faster to cut straight contours on the CNC and add the chamfer or moldings on the router afterward (also cleans the tabs and burrs)

I can see a use if the profile depth is equal to the stock thickness though, as you wouldn’t get an edge for the bearing to ride on

I do not have a router table, which is the biggest reason, but I also don’t have a spare router… I could take it out of the lowrider 2 and set it up on a table if I did have one but that would be more effort than changing bits.

If I had a table and router, I would probably do it your way

Plus, I’m just lazy lol. Program all the work on the computer and let the CNC do it all while I watch in amazement.

Very nice work btw, the overall shape and chamfer do match very well :slight_smile:

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