Odd Repeat V4 Fan Behavior

I have always used the following commands to start the three fans on my Repeat V4:

M106 P0 S255 - Turn on Part Fan
M106 P1 S255 - Turn on Extruder Fan
M106 P2 S255 - Turn on PSU Fan

And of course M107 to turn them off.

Using Octoprint I could send commands through the terminal to toggle the fans. However, all of a sudden I am not able to do that. I cannot send any M106/M107. What is even weirder is the fans do not turn on during a print. On the second layer, the part fan should turn on, but it doesn’t. The PSU fan should turn on because I have it in my start gcode.

BUT, I can go to the LCD and turn the fans on through the LCD. During the print I will have to go over to the printer and go to “tune” and turn on the fans. I have checked the gcode of the print job and the M106 commands are there.

I can’t understand what is happening here.

Weird. If you send M106 with no index or speed via Octoprint does the part cooling fan crank on or does nothing happen at all? If you print from an attached SD card does it not work as well?

No changes at all in firmware or octoprint plugins that could have effected it??

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M106 with no index does nothing as well. I have not printed from an SD card. I am sure that would work actually, but I will have to confirm that later.

No changes in firmware or Octoprint.

BUT, I do run my machine in my office at work and we have been experiencing some horrible internet issues. The internet goes in and out and has been very slow, I mean 2MB/s slow at some points. I can still jog the print head around and send movement commands, as well as send print jobs from PrusaSlicer, so there is communication happening. It just seems to be M106/M107 commands that aren’t making it through the terminal.

For instance, if I type G0 X100 Y100 in the terminal and hit send, that command will pop up in the terminal and the print head will move. Success.

But if I type M106 P2 and hit send, it doesn’t even pop up in the terminal at all. I cannot see where it was sent or anything.

That’s very odd. Speed of the internet should have no determination on that. Its just using the WIFI as a LAN so even if the internet was out but your WIFI was on it should still work. That makes no sense why it would not even pop up in terminal. That’s defiantly above my pay grade LOL

Yeah very odd behavior. I will keep testing and trying different things to see if I can find the answer here

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Did you try running Octoprint in safe mode and trying the same thing?


Maybe a plugin is effing with it?

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I restarted Octoprint in Safemode and now the M106 commands work again!

I wonder which plugin is causing that…