Odd behavior from Repetier Host and Rambo 1.4 board

First off let me preface this issue with I completely rewired the CNC since the last successful test cuts. With that out of the way, I can get started with my troubleshooting and steps.

I can home X, Y and Z from the LCD and move all 3 axis with no issue and it is behaving as I would expect.

Now the issue I have with Rep-h is if I home the Y axis and then move it +10mm it changes the location to 50 (turns red) and moves the cnc 10mm on Y. I can then increment 10mm more and it will go from 50-60-70… However if I try to move negative 10mm it will go 70-60-50-50-50-50 and never show a decrease but the CNC is actually moving.

Any thoughts and very willing to accept its a PEBKAC error.

Update on the troubleshooting: CncJs controls the unit as expected so going to fully reset Rep-h and try it again tomorrow

If you mix rh and the lcd, rh gets confused. After you home the machine on the LCD, you can send @isathome on RH (if it is still parked at zero) and that will fix the buttons on the jog wheel for RH. It is better to just use one or the other.

The reason is because RH doesn’t ask the machine what its coordinates are. It just keeps count itself. Then it always sends its own absolute coordinates. So if you said +10X, it might send G1 X110, if it thought the machine was at X=100.

That doesn’t explain the home buttons, but maybe it is making a second assumption about homing. IDK.

OK I figured out the culprit but not 100% sure how it got changed. Somewhere along the way under printer properties the y min got set to 50.

Maybe some errant Gcode or just regular user error.

Who knows but thank you for the assist.