OctoPrint Plugin Download Issues

Has anyone ever experienced issues with not being able to download plugins to Octoprint? Whenever I go to install a new plugin, this is all I get and nothing happens.


I am connected to the internet and the I can connect to the pi and control the machine (moving axes and all that). I just can’t download plugins.

FYI, I did just reflash the firmware from the Raspberry Pi Imager with a fresh new install on the microSD in the Pi because I had to change the wifi password and that was the only way I knew to do it. So maybe I have messed something up in the firmware flashing?

Can you ping github.com from the command line on the pi?

My shot in the dark is that the pi has Internet, but not DNS. So it can ping (which doesn’t require DNS), but not github.com or google.com.

The other possibility is that there is a firewall keeping it from connecting. But you would have had to work on that to make it happen. Or if you are on a corporate or school network, the admins might be blocking traffic from the pi.

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For some reason it was set to I changed it to and now it seems to be working fine. Carry on

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