OctoPrint and/or CNC.js - which one?

My son runs OctoPrint on his 3D printer and I would like the same type of set up on my MPCNC. Currently I don’t run a dedicated computer on the CNC as it’s in my shop and there can be dust… ok there IS dust. So I run over to the desktop, update ESTLCAM, save to the SD card, run back over to the MPCNC and run it from the card via the LCD. I’d like to be able to send my gcode to the MPCNC from the desktop (or my MAC laptop). I’d also like to be able to jog the machine if possible. I have that fear of burning up the LCD from moving the stepper motors too fast. I see it blink out of the corner of my eye. I’m modeling in Fusion360 and am not yet good enough to run CAM from it, but would like to at some point, so getting the gcode from Fusion to the CNC is a wish.

I’ve done a good deal of research on this forum for running OctoPrint and/or CNC.js, but am finding older information and differences of opinion. What is the consensus of the group? Which one should I use, why and what is the latest setup for each?


Okay, I think I finally found my answer to this one here.

So I’ll be trying Jeff’s V1Pi image using OctoPrint with my RamBo board.

Thanks Jeff!

Have fun! I don’t know how buried it is in that thread, but Marlin requires an extra kick to work in CNC.js. You have to basically give it some command (like a small move command) via the terminal to get it to respond with an “ok” and then CNC.js will start taking over.

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Thanks Jeff,

Would love to see this in the software how-to section. It took me awhile, but of course, not 30 minutes after I posted the question, I found it after a couple of days of searching.


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Good idea, https://www.v1engineering.com/assembly/electronics/ Added!

It is linked on the how to page as well as the home page.

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Noice! I suppose I should move the current release out of prerelease, eh? I have been using it for a while and I haven’t heard any complaints (well Steve complained).


Thanks Ryan

Jeff - I’ll be back at it in a week and will provide feedback as I go.

Thanks for putting this together.


Ha Haaaa! It works great, link to it with two different iMacs, Powerbook, and Alienware R5 work station with no problems. I never had to “kick it” either.

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Just installed and am now the proud owner of OctoPrint for my MPCNC!

It’s awesome! Thank you very much for your work on this build. It’s greatly appreciated!

OK that’s a lot of exclamation points, but I really like it.

I noticed your new RC… is it best to flash with the new build or is there a better way?

Thanks again,


Both octoprint and cnc.js have their own update functions. I generally update those when they come out with new stuff. I also reflash my pi occasionally, maybe more than it’s needed. There is a settings file and uploads folder that would be good to copy to the new image, but setup doesn’t take long either.

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I wasn’t sure if using the standard OctoPrint update was good for your build. Will do.

Appreciate it.


If it doesnt work, let me know! The image is based off of octopi, so I think it should be fine. I didn’t really mess with it, except changing the landing page.