Octopi plugins

Hi there,

I finished my sand table and it’s runing fine with an rpi 3+ and octopi.
I would like to start printing automatically on power on and found several plugins to do so.
None of them are quite what I would like start auto with random uploaded files, maybe create some playlist.

Which plugins are you using guy’s ?

Take a look at v1pi.

I use espui / fluidnc I think you can autostart with those.

Oh I didn’t know there was a dedicated distribution other then official octopi, than you

I guess by the name it’s meant for grbl non ?
I’m running latest Marlin version, I’ll check it thanks :slight_smile:

I use the previous version of this board. https://www.tindie.com/products/33366583/fluidnc-penlaser-cnc-controller-tmc2209/