Ocean and lake floor topo data?

I’ve been studying up on carving relief maps and thought it might be cool to include some details under epoxy poured bodies of water. However I’m clueless as to where to find such data. I was hoping maybe there was some source similar to touchterrain, but for underwater geography.

Does anyone know of a source, or maybe have some experience that would help in locating something that could work for this?

I’m still very wet behind the ears when it comes to geotiffs. Hopefully whatever format is available is something that can easily be merged in qgis.

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I found the Blue Topo bathymetric project here:

…and what seems to be the aws server containing the tiffs:

…however currently it doesn’t appear to be in nowCoast for easy zoom/navigation:

Found this thread:

Then figured out how to get the tiffs from NOAA:

…using the grid extract tool and downloaded from the dem global mosiac source.

However, this doesn’t fill out lakes.

I did a quick google for “Lake Tahoe Bathymetry” and it brought up bathybase.org. That site had a tidy geotiff download for the whole lake. I’m guessing this is a good source for finding inland bathymetry… but not sure if there’s an easier way.

like this, Framed terrain carving of Mourne and Cooley Mountains, Ireland and Northern Ireland