Not yet finished but im putting some plywood work LR2

As im in the process of making my third V1 machine (already have 2 Lowrider 2 for plastics and pvc cutting) got the time (finally) to work some personal projects here is one of them

Sorry for the mess in that side of the shop. Definitely need more space and a new table


And if it holds my 290 pounds you know its built to last!


That’s very cool, you’re doing great!

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That is a great LowRider project! Inspiring, I would love to make some backyard chairs similar to that.

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Uhhhh, that’s so awesome that I want one. Did you design that, or find it somewhere?

Later tonight i could give you the plans. Its not my design but ive already did some mods to accommodate my size 6’3" and 290 pounds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
1.5 sheets of 3/4" mdf/ply and half 1/4 inch ply

That would be amazing. I got a Logitech wheel, but I don’t play as often as I’d like because I have to plug it in and set it up on my desk, which only has a rolling chair…


I’d be interested in a set of drawings too. In addition, can you put in a link to the site were you got the original plans?


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Oh dang that is for driving sims? Man what I’d give for one those to use with Gran Turismo back in the day…. Nice work!

Sure here it is

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Thanks Cesar!