Not cutting correctly

Hi all

I have run into a problem, im trying to cut thicker y plates as im using 2 6mm mdf stuck together that was cut on my laser cutter but they are bending slightly , so want to cut 20mm side plates but i when i started to test cut my machine there was no issue except me homing in on my feeds and speeds but now ( see photo) it keeps cutting wierd ive swaped my y motors around cables exc no help, i would think ita skipping steps but its wierd, it starts cutting bottom left side and goes clockwise, then when ut starts coming back(down) again its as if it pauses for a second and carrys on then just keep cutting on that size which is 3 mm to small on my y axis, ive cut the same cut maybe 10 times everytime its exactly the same any ideas??

Update: i did the same cut using fusion instead of estlcam and it cutting correctly not making that funny ditch, im still 3mm to small on my y axis funny, dont know if its fine tuning needed on steps per mm or what because if i measure that ditch that estl makes then the size is spot on

Check your y-axis belts and make sure they appropriately snug. Also, I’m assuming you purchased your board, belts from V1.


No unfortunately i stay in SA and if i order anything overseas, you either dont get it or it takes a year to get here, so all my stuff ia locally bought, running a mks gen1.4 with v1 pi and a mks tft 32 screen nema 17 motors etc, my belts are good stiff stong belts, im using custom tensioners which tension the belt very good, but i do have some problems on my y plate saging , thats why im trying to cut new ones, i think i should just cut steel plates on our laser at work, any recommendations on thickness, maybe a 6mm plate? Or wil that flex?(add another 6mm mdf to support it)

Can’t imagine a 6mm steel plate flexing under the loads the Lowrider is designed for. I’d be more concerned with the added weight. If doing a metal Y-plate, consider 6mm aluminum.

Post a video if you can. That would help with diagnosis.

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Have you tried this in foam? It would essentially eliminate any load on the machine.

Do you have a picture of your setup?