Not a low rider frame but a low rider soft(france)


after having discovered the lowrider on thingiverse i tried to make one with the materials i have.
so here is my solution closer to an openbuild profile solution nearly all the materials i use are 2nde hand materials i alredy have got except the stepper and the openbuild wheel

hope it ll works

That looks closer to the crawlbot with a little hint of LowRider. Keep this thread updated so we can see the progress please!

hello in fact after having seen the low rider on thingiverse i ve discovered the crawlbot thanks to you

first movement this afternoon on y axis i ll try to update the topic

thanks for all your work

Thanks for experimenting! I have some ideas for a LowRider update I hope to start prototyping soon.

can t wait to see the updated low rider

a view of my ‘lowrider’

hello, a little question about power supply

do the ramp and the arduino need to be power supplied?

when i supply 12v to the ramp i can’t use the screen but if i connect the usb port of the arduino everything works

is it normal or not?

if not can i connect the 12v of the ramp to the jack of the arduino?

thank you

That means your 5V regulator is bad on the mega. You can make alterations to the Ramps (remove diode) and power the mega as well, or replace the 5V reg.

ok thanks i ll check thanks a lot

mistake / sorry


after having build a 90m2 workshop i m back with my lowrider.

i made a few test today it seems ok

i m looking for lcd extension is there a maximum length?

can someonetell me what are the references of the connectors?

and what is the type of wire?


the LCD cables seem to be standart 1,275mm 0,05" spaced ribbon cables. 10 wires wide.

the connectors 2.54mm 0,1" spaced 2x5 post connectors, you should find them easily at any relevant electronics store.

Ryan is selling a 4’ cable so I think that should be ok, how much would you like to have?


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i wanted to install 1.2m/1.5m so i needed 2.5m/3m for the 2 wire

i leave in france so shipping representa significant cost for 2 wires

i ll post picture tomorrow



here are my first try with 6mm router bit

not as good i expected but correct

another try with 1/8 router bit and another quality of mdf quite happy with the result no picture

i have to learn and test bit, material, speed…

another one


after my first cutting test the speed control seems to be necessary

an old belt sander out of work 1000w is the origin of my speed controller

installed between the wall plug and the spindle plug and it works

i have to print a small box for this and the switchgive the possibility to put on or off the spindle.

i m not electrician it s my solution but you have to take your responsability

if someone think it s dangerous please let me know and i delete this post


the result [attachment file=58460]
[attachment file=58461]